Summer Mallow BBQ Fun : Easy Recipes

28 juli 2017

Weekends are perfect for BBQ parties and as the last weekend of July starts today, we've got two delicious and easy BBQ recipes.

Here's where the fun already begins! Grab some glass jars and fill them with sweets, marshmallows, chocolate slabs and biscuits. You'll also need a bunch of fresh bananas.


Furthermore, you'll need aluminium foil, skewers and a hot barbecue.



It doesn't get any easier than this : roast your mallows over the barbecue - here's where you need the skewers - take two crackers or biscuits and a chocolate bar. Combine all together and watch how this warm, roasted mallow makes the chocolate melt and creates the perfect mouthwathering 's more.





Cut your banana - with our without peel - in half and fill with chocolate, marshmallows and broken biscuits. Close the aluminium foil and give it a few minutes. Let the magic happen.


Open up and be amazed! Doens't that look delicious? It surely does so dive in!


Use your own imagination (and ingredients) to create your perfect barbecue dessert.

But most of all, enjoy!



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