Recipe for Iced Chai Latte

01 juli 2016

Bring out the sunscreen, flip flops and cold drinks – because it’s set to be hot this week. Temperatures that make us feel like we’re in a tropical jungle makes us crave for a chilled drink. And we’ve got the perfect solution: Iced Chai - we’ve transformed your favourite hot drink into the thirst quenching cooler:


Start by filling your glass with ice cubes – preferably ice cubes in different shapes for a playful touch! This makes sure your glass will get really cold.


Then warm up 200 ml of semi-skimmed or whole milk. Add 4 tablespoons of your favourite chai latte powder and stir well. Once your chai latte drink is ready, fill your chilled glass. Add some more ice cubes to make your chai latte extra chilly – perfect for a hot summer’s evening. As a finishing touch – just pour some powder on top of your drink.



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