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How To Store Chocolate In Summer

22 juni 2017

Guess what, Summer's here! We all love it - but chocolate not as much... We've got a few DO'S and DON'TS to keep your favourite treats as fresh as possible.

1. Keep cool. Ideal temperatures for your dear chocolate are somewhere between 12°C and 20°C. Choose a room where there're few windows or where temperatures rise less quickly, for instance, a storage room.

Why? Well, if you store chocolate too hot a process called 'fat bloom’ develops in which the cocoa butter crystallises and creates a white layer.


2. Keep away from light. Obviously it's not a good idea to store your chocolate behind a hot window but also 'normal' is a no go. Too much light might affect the taste of your chocolate, for instance.


3. Keep dry. The basement sounds like a good storage room but sometimes they are too wet or humid. This could cause ‘sugar bloom’, in which sugar precipitates to the surface and creates a white layer. This will ruin your chocolate.


4. Be aware of the fridge. Firstly, a fridge is too moist. Secondly, chocolate absorbs surrounding flavours and scents. So your lovely homemade chilli transforms your chocolate quite literally in chilli chocolate.

But what if there's no other option? Well... keep on reading.


The Fridge : A Few Tricks


1. Make sure your chocolate is wrapped safely and secure so it can't absorb any flavours or scents. Use an airtight container or go for a fancy glass jar.


2. Allow your chocolate some time to adapt to its new environment after you've taken it out of the fridge. The drastic change in temperature might affect your chocolate. So keep it stored in your airtight container or glass jarr a few minutes before opening it.


3. Last note : if you have a freezer/fridge combination, make sure you do not put your chocolate too close to the freezer part as this might be too cold.


Good luck!

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