How To Make the ultimate S'MORES

10 augustus 2018

S'Mores are one of the easiest yet so delicious treats to make. And we'll show you just how easy in this Summer recipe.

You'll need :

1. Any form of crackers or wafers.

You could use the traditional graham crackers - but we've chosen a lighter version : ice cream wafers.

2. Choose any flavour of ice cream you like.

We think pistachio ice cream goes so well with chocolate and marshmallows! Not a fan? You might want to go for strawberry or raspberry ice cream instead.

3. Take a few crushe pistachio nuts and mint leaves.

Or you could go for some rainbow coloured sprinkles or fresh raspberries as an alternative.

4. And of course, BARÚ marshmallows!

How to :

1. Above a fire/ barbecue : Chop the marshmallows into 4 pieces. Use a long (metal) skewer to roast the marshmallows above an open fire or barbecue until the marshmallows become golden brown and the chocolate becomes slighly melted.

In the oven (grill mode) : Chop the marshmallows into 4 pieces, lay a few wafers on a baking sheet and top with the marshmallows. Make sure the marshmallow is facing the grill. Place in the oven for about 3 - 4 minutes until golden brown.

2. Top the wafer and marshmallow with one scoop of ice cream and finish off with crushed pistachio nuts and a few fresh mint leaves and another ice cream wafer.

3. Why not double? Add another layer if you're in a really decadent mood!

Enjoy - and you're welcome.

the BARÚ team


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