Freaky Friday Freakshake : Chocolate Love

25 augustus 2017

#TGIF - weekend countdown has begun. The last one of Summer break no less! And what else is better than to enter the weekend with an overload of sugar, chocolate and sweetness? That's right - we're talking chocolate dripping freakshakes here.

What you need

Anything you like - basically! There are a few key ingredients though but the choice of sweet decorations is entirely up to you. For 2 persons we've used the following ingredients :

* 6 scoops of chocolate ice cream

* 1 large cup of milk

* whipped cream

* straws

* blender

* sweet decorations : donuts, brownies, marshmallows, chocolates, chocolate sprinkles, biscuits, ... . Nothing's crazy enough! It is a Freakshake after all.

How to make it

It's not that difficult to make a Freakshake, however, it might require you to work fast. Make sure all ingredients are right in front of you and ready to use.

* Mix milk and chocolate ice cream in a blender

* Pour milkshake in a large glass

* Start decorating and finish off with a colourful straw

* Prepare yourself for a sugar rush and dive in!

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