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Build Your Own Mini Garden With Our Cans!

12 juli 2017

At Barú we're all big fans of recycling so we've come up with a great DIY to reuse our cans.

What you need

1. One or more cans

2. Paint in different colours and/or different structures

3. One or more paint brushes

4. Removable tape

5. Plastic Bag

6. Herbs or flowers - optional : extra soil

Make Your own Green Garden

1. Empty and clean your can. Make sure you remove the sharp, aluminium edges to avoid any scratches while you clean your can.

2. Paint - we've used some grey paint with a sandy structure - the tin. Let it dry.

3. Get yourself some tape that's easy to remove afterwards. Use the tape to paint your first colourful layer and let it sit until dry. Then remove the tape.

4. Use some different colours of paint and use your tape to make patterns.

5. Get yourself a small plastic bag to cover the inside in order to avoid the can from getting moist or any leakage.

6. Get yourself some herbs or flowers and place into the plastic bag. If needed, add some extra soil.

That's it already!

Have fun!

P.S. : Discover our hot chocolate and chai latte cans here.




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