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Privacy policy


We believe that it is extremely important that our customers can take full advantage of our excellent service and that they can fully trust us. In order to provide you with a good service, we collect certain personal data from our users and visitors. We collect this data in a responsible manner and are extremely cautious about storing this data. In this privacy policy, you will find out what data we collect, for what purposes, how you can manage this data yourself and what rights you have as a user.

1 Who collects the information?

Barú NV manages the website and Frucon² manages the online shop

Barú NV acts as controller for the processing of personal data for marketing purposes and also complies with applicable laws and regulations for the processing of such data. [Barú NV is a limited company with its registered office at 3590 Diepenbeek, Industrielaan 4, registered in Hasselt under the VAT number BE0859819084 and can be contacted, if required, by phone at +32 11 850560 or via

Frucon² NV acts as the controller of your personal data and other data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation. Frucon² NV is a limited company with registered office at 8800 Roeselare, Schellebellestraat 8, and its head office at 8850 Ardooie, Pittemsestraat 58D, Belgium. It is registered in Kortrijk under the VAT number BE0806661106.

Barú NV and Frucon² NV strive to protect your privacy and therefore treats personal data with care. Barú NV and Frucon² NV only keep your data for the time that is strictly necessary for its processing. This means that we:

  • treat your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided. These purposes and the type of personal data are described in this Privacy Policy;

  • limit the processing of your personal data to the minimum data required for the purposes for which it is processed;

  • ask for your explicit consent if necessary for the processing of your personal data; · have taken the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of your personal data;

  • do not transmit any personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the purposes for which they were provided;

  • are aware of your rights with respect to your personal data, will inform you and respect them.

Barú NV and Frucon² NV reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy.If you have any questions or need further information after reading our privacy statement, please contact us via the following coordinates:

Barú NV
Industrielaan 4
3590 Diepenbeek
+32 11 85 05 60

Or Frucon² nv
Pittemsestraat 58D
8850 Ardooie
+32 (0)51 69 95 05

2 What data is collected and for what purposes?

Barú NV uses your personal data for marketing purposes only. Frucon² NV uses your personal data for various purposes. Personal data is defined as the identifiable data of a legal entity. This is the information you provide when, for example, you place an order, contact us, subscribe to our newsletters or enter contests. Specifically, this is personal information, such as name, address, age, gender, date of birth, telephone number, language preference, e-mail address, payment details, etc.

As required by law, we do not process sensitive data, such as data on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions or sexual orientation.

We always treat your personal data on a legal basis:

  • having obtained permission;

  • to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation;

  • for the treatment of the contract of sale;

  • in the case of a legitimate interest that outweighs the interest of the person concerned. We may process and store your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to create a user account;

  • to process your order/return;

  • to track the delivery of your order and to inform you of any problems;

  • to send you newsletters or other targeted marketing campaigns to inform you, for example, of new offers and promotions;

  • to organise competitions;

  • to gather comments on our website and our service · to perform customer loyalty campaigns.

3 Who has access to this data, apart from Frucon² NV and Barú NV?

We do not sell or transmit personal data to third parties except:

  • if necessary to perform our services;

  • if we are legally obliged to do so;

  • if there is a legitimate interest for Frucon² NV, Barú NV, AREA 5punt1 SPRL, FIRMA 103 LLC or the third party concerned;

  • if you give us permission to do so.

To process the payment, your payment details will be sent to our payment providers. Also, our courier partners will receive the necessary personal data in order to deliver the products as instructed.

In case of international transfer of personal data, we protect your data in accordance with the level of protection required by European legislation.

We may use anonymous and aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. These data can never be linked to a particular person.

4. Fluent use of the website & protection of personal information

Barú NV and Frucon² NV make every effort to protect the user data. Payment by card or other means of payment will only be stored through authorised European payment service providers, such as. Other personal information will be transferred to Frucon² NV’s servers and database via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – the latest standard encryption technology) through 256 encryption, provided by Certificate Authority (CA) Comodo, internationally recognised. For optimal support of our security measures, our website must be viewed with a modern and up-to-date browser such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Mozilla Firefox.

The servers are located in Brussels (Belgium) and are managed by Internet hosting provider Combell Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner. These servers contain personal information, but will never contain information about payment methods or bank details. The servers are secured by multi-level firewalls and a standard security protocol.

Payments are always made in a secure environment, so that third parties cannot read your personal data.

5 Correction or deletion of information: your rights

It is always possible to recover your personal data by sending an e-mail to or via the customer centre +32(0)51 69 95 05; or by sending an e-mail to of via +32(0)11 85 05 60. This personal data may be modified or deleted in the same way if there are legal reasons to do so.

As a user, you have the following rights regarding the storage of your data:

- right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your data for serious and justified reasons (except as provided by law or if this is necessary for the performance of the contract). In addition, you may request that you no longer be contacted for direct marketing purposes by using the e-mail address mentioned above.

- right of consultation/access

Each user has the right to access and view his/her information. He/she is also entitled to examine how his/her personal data is processed.

- right of rectification

The user has the right at any time to rectify, complete or delete certain personal data after consultation. - right to be forgotten The user has the right to be completely removed from all systems and databases.

- right of appeal

The user is at all times entitled to lodge a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy if he/she considers that the personal data is collected and treated illicitly.

- right to withdraw consent

Any user or visitor whose personal data is collected has the right to oppose the processing of this data.

- right to limitation of treatment

Each user or visitor has the right to restrict (temporarily) the processing of his/her personal data.

- right to transferability

Each user or visitor has the right to transfer his/her personal data to another responsible third party.

- right to oppose decisions based on automated processing

The user has the right to disable automatic profiling.

6. Cookies and storage of computer information

The site uses “cookies”. For more information about the cookies we use, for what purposes and how to manage your cookie settings, please refer to our cookie policy.

7. Children

Children (under 18) cannot use our services under any circumstances. Frucon² NV accepts no responsibility for the use of this site by children and adolescents and reserves the right to refuse orders placed by children or young people.

8. Links

You can find on the site and on the shop links to other websites and other social media applications. However, as soon as you leave the site, the Barú NV and Frucon² NV Privacy Policy no longer applies. Barú NV and Frucon² NV are in no way responsible for the information collected by any other website or social media application.

9. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides you with all the information you need to choose whether or not to use this site and to send your personal information to Frucon² NV. By staying on the site and communicating with us electronically, you acknowledge and agree to the Privacy Policy. You automatically consent to the processing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

10. Any questions?

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact Frucon² NV via the following e-mail address:
by telephone: +32 (0)51 69 95 05
or by post: Frucon² NV, Pittemsestraat 58D, 8850 Ardooie, Belgium.

Or do not hesitate to contact Barú NV via the following e-mail address:
by telephone: +32 11 85 05 60
or by post: Barú NV, Industrielaan 4, 3590 Diepenbeek, Belgium.


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